The Customer's Secret Weapon!
Blue River provides services to address the the specialized needs of custom software and product development outsourcing. Customers view Blue River as the most flexible one-stop solutions provider.

Financial Services
Media & Information
Consumer Goods Manufacturing
Healthcare/Clinical & Financial Software
Mobile Technology
Application Development
Managed Services
Consulting and Application Development
Market Analytics for Financial Services,
    Investment, Telco & Pharma

Changing Business
Blue River Associates partner with our clients to identify new business opportunities, revenues and delivery channels, and enable change at a rapid pace. We focus on results-orientated solutions, and approach every engagement with a commitment to basic business fundamentals that deliver a realistic strategy for achieving improved returns to technology investments.
Depth and Breadth
Blue River Associates provides strategic consulting as well as systems integration and Managed services. Working in collaboration with industry partners, Blue River Associates combines a deep understanding of issues with integrated, end-to-end services.

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